“Fully valuing everyone in the Love of Jesus.   Caring and Learning Together.”

St. Theresa’s is a Catholic School, situated in the Blacon area of Chester. We are very aware of the trust you place in us when you choose us for your child’s education. We want to work in partnership with you in providing the best we can for all the children in our care.

All children whose families wish them to have a Catholic education are welcome to apply for a place at our school. Children can join us from the age of three years for Nursery provision in our Foundation Unit; and for school from the age of four.

At St. Theresa’s we seek to provide a happy, caring community where everyone is committed to striving for excellence, every child is recognised as unique and everyone is respected and valued. We believe that all children can be successful learners and develop the skills, attitudes and beliefs that lead to lifelong learning, achievement and the ability to make a positive contribution to society as they mature.

At St. Theresa’s children are helped to develop and grow fully as individuals: spiritually, morally, socially, culturally, physically as well as academically. We place high value on the importance of all these areas. Learning and teaching at St. Theresa’s is purposeful, disciplined and creative. Children are always encouraged to achieve highly and do their best.

St. Theresa’s School has good links with the local community, the Parish of St. Theresa, other Blacon Schools and the Blacon Children’s Centre, partner Catholic Primary Schools and Chester Catholic High School. At our school everyone works in partnership to ensure the best for every pupil: teaching staff, support staff, Governors, the Parish and the local community. Children are encouraged to look beyond their own environment and their own needs to support and recognise the needs of others both in school and in the wider community. They are encouraged to be mannerly, polite, generous and caring; this is modelled for them by the adults who work in the school.

You are invited to partner us in our work at school as parents, carers and family members. We encourage regular contact between home and school through Parents and Family Meetings, Assemblies, Masses and other opportunities which are arranged throughout the year. We will always ensure that we are available for day to day contact whenever necessary. We recognise and value the contribution you make to the education of your children, working together we can ensure that your child achieves well and is happy in school.

At St.Theresa's Catholic Primary School we are committed to promoting British Values. Our British Values Statement can be found in our Virtual Office above.