Year 6 2019 - 2020

Mr Harvey

Teacher - Mr. Harvey
Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Hill

St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School 

Fully Valuing Everyone in the love of Jesus. 

Caring and Learning Together. 

 Home Learning Plan.  

Year Group - Six 

Class Teacher – Mr. Harvey 

Date – 9/7/2020 

Good Morning and happy Thursday. I hope you have a great day and you are managing to try out some of the different sports activities.   


Today’s Activities




Carrying on from the 500 word story you produced yesterday can you please now edit this work and make appropriate improvements. One way of making these improvements at home is to type your work up using a laptop or computer. By doing this it really makes you read your own work and it is easier to check for spelling errors and missing punctuation.

Remember when you are editing your work it is the perfect opportunity to up level your work. Look back at the expectation mat you received at the start of lockdown. Have you used accurate informal tone for conversation? Have you used a variety of sentence starters not just started with the main clause? Try to add description for characters and setting by using expanded noun phrases.

If you do make improvements used a different colour to highlight it to show what the improvements are.

I have attached a copy of the year six expectations just in case you can’t find your copy.


Reading: Reading Plus – 30 mins.

5 Reading Tasks – 1 Vocab task!

Mathematics: Continuing on from the two step problems. I would like you to try some word problems today that look at using all 4 operations not just focusing on division. Remember to underline the important information and make an estimate first to check your result is accurate.


See the attached sheet.

Other learning and activities for todayYou should now be coming close to finishing your chocolate topic. Look at the book you have produced. How does it look?

Can you think of anyways you can improve it?


Two of the tasks left for the topic are chocolate tasting and chocolate making. I know you may not have these ingredients in the house but maybe a parent or someone in your house will be able to buy some ingredients to use over the next couple of days.

Firstly, try tasting 5 or 6 different chocolates and see if you can guess what type of chocolate you are eating. You will need help with setting this up as you need to keep the chocolates identity a mystery. It is normally good to try a very dark chocolate here to see how bitter it is.  

Secondly, try melting some chocolate (with adult supervision) and adding different ingredients – maybe popcorn, skittles, fruit, cut up marshmallow etc. Then place in a mould or tray to cool in the fridge. Once they have cooled try your chocolate and write a review about how It tasted.


Enjoy your well-deserved chocolate treat!


Have a great day. Mr. H




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